Who We Are and How to Join

Who are you people?

We’re a Miata-centric car club based in Chattanooga, TN (the “Scenic City”). We get together regularly for “runs” around Chattanooga and occasional drives to other areas. (More on that below.) And yes, “Miata Club” includes the MX-5 after the official name change!Other roadsters that would like to come play are welcome to run with us as well (and they do on a regular basis!). You’ll see other roadsters among the ranks pretty often, but we remain a “Miata club”.

The club is a great way to make new friends and add to the enjoyment of your car. If you follow our internet chatter or check the club calendar, you’ll see what we’re planning and perhaps join us on some activities.

What do you do in this club?

Just about everything. There are a couple of regional “Miatas-only” events which we participate in as a club. Miatas At The Gap, which takes place on the last weekend in July, is in the Deal’s Gap/Tail of the Dragon area and draws hundreds of Miatas from all over the US and usually several cars from Canada as well. We also attend Miatas at Mentone in Alabama in August and usually host a drive around the Chattanooga area.

Other club events might involve just meeting for a meal and a drive. Sometimes these are “spirited” drives, and sometimes they have a bit more emphasis on scenery or destination than driving. We also have occasional “Tech Days,” were we perform maintenance or minor modifications to our cars. We also get together for a regular dinner on the second Monday of each month, and we play poker now and then and just generally have a good time with fellow Miata people.

How do I get involved?

Getting involved is easy! We communicate via a Google Group and you can send messages back and forth via email (what most of us choose) or get a digest summary of the day’s discussions every day, or just go to the group directly online and use it like an online forum. Google groups are very flexible. If you prefer email but the volume of messages (sometimes 25-30 a day) is becoming too much for you, consider a free Gmail account which groups our forum messages together in conversations. Just be sure to stay in touch!

How much does it cost?

Nothing! We meant it. And we actually kind of pay you to join…We get discounts on parts and services, and all communication tools and webspace the club uses are either free or donated. You have to pay for your own food and gas, though! 🙂

Join up, post an introductory message to our email forum, and we’ll give you all the details!

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