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Brooks Run to Rome, Georiga


I took a dry run (HA!  dry, my foot!  Lots of rain) to Rome, GA today.  Tried to find a new and interesting route.  Leaving the East Ridge Cracker Barrel, we could follow US-41 and avoid I-75, but US-41 isn’t all that attractive or interesting.
Another option is to go South on I-75 to Exit 348 and follow this route:
From Exit 348, take GA-151 past Renae Rd, Lane Rd & W. Nickajack (7.0 miles)

Turn Left onto E. Nickajack Rd/Houston Valley Rd.(8.3miles.)

Turn Right onto Old Ringgold Rd, (3.6 miles.)

Turn Right onto GA-201/Lafayette Rd. to Villanow (5.5 miles). Continue South on E. Armuchee Rd to Sublinga. Turn half-left onto Gore-Sublinga Rd (4.0 miles).

At (4.0 miles) TURN LEFT on Johnson Rd/Farmersville Rd, past Farmersville to US-27 (5.7 miles).

Turn Left and Follow US-27/Summerville Rd/ Martha Berry Hwy to Berry College (14.5miles).

You can find this on Google Maps or MapQuest, but you’ll have to zoom in a bit to pick up Nickajack and some of the other roads.  The roads are well paved and very scenic, with a few twisties along the way.

We could come home via the same route, or stay on US-27 all the way. It’s scenic enough, but about as interesting (?) as I-75.  In a hurry? Taking  I-75 might save 30 minues.




 I checked out several restaurants listed on GoogleMaps and MapQuest, as well as my GPS.  Some were long-closed shacks, some looked semi-okay.  My choices came down to two.

Option #1 is the Landmark Restaurant, 2740 Martha Berry Hwy, Rome – very close to the College.
Nice looking place.  We could reserve a room.  I didn’t taste their food; but it looks pretty good and the had a good-sized crowd – which means good food to me.
Option #2  is Jim’s Family Restaurant in Summerville.  We stopped there a couple of years ago. I couldn’t get a menu today, but the food is pretty good and reasonably priced. Supposed to have good desserts.  I enjoyed one of their catfish sandwiches for lunch today.   : ) 
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